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Maria Milazzo
Milazzo, Maria
Clinical Associate Professor
Graduate Studies/Advanced Practice Nursing
Chair, Graduate Studies in Advanced Practice Nursing,Interim Program Director, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner,Director of Scholars Program

Email: Maria.Milazzo@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3130
Office: 2-209

My initial work in Child Neurology was focused on children with infectious and immune mediated disorders of the central nervous system.  Upon this foundation my research builds on my prior clinical and research experience with youth and young adults with rare and under-recognized conditions of the central nervous system, first, in Pediatric AIDs and more recently, Pediatric Onset Multiple Sclerosis.    My patients and their families have been some of my greatest teachers.  I have learned that caring for a child with an unusual and unpredictable illness requires more that good medicine; it requires a community of people living and learning together.  This led to the creation of a residential summer camp program for youth with MS.  My clinical scholarship is focused on experiences of youth and young adults living with a chronic illness, from a disability studies framework.  My research interest lies in understanding the experiences of navigating chronic illness, and interactions with the health care teams.   I strive to incorporate the philosophy and skill of advanced practice nursing with Disability Studies frameworks. 

My teaching philosophy is learner-centered, based on the journey of the teaching, and acknowledging the interpersonal connections between students and teachers. Students have the ultimate responsibility for their learning. I aim to guide and facilitate the process of learning by providing scaffolding for the students to together create knowledge. Teaching is a dynamic process, requiring the active and meaningful engagement of student and teacher. Teachers serve as role models for students- in the classroom and clinical environments. Teaching by example and learning along with my students is at the core of my practice.

I am lucky to find balance in my interests and stay grounded with children and their families by practicing as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in a community based general pediatric practice, caring for children and families across the childhood years.



Maria C Milazzo, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC



BS, Anthropology Stony Brook University, 1987

BS, Nursing Stony Brook University, 1989

MS, Child Health Nursing, Stony Brook University, 1993

PhD, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences- Disability Studies, 2019

Certificate- Disability Studies, Stony Brook University, 2019


Clinical Specialties


Chronic Illness and Disability


Primary Teaching Areas

Advanced Practice Pediatrics


Research and Academic Interests

The experience of living with chronic illness and disability in childhood for youth and their families.  In particular, the shared learning between youth, families, and health care providers.


Research (selected)

 “Creating an interdisciplinary service-learning project for health professionals to promote health and wellness of children who are obese.”  Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions (ASAHP) Interprofessional Collaboration Research Grant. $19,8000. 2022

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND). Core Faculty.  HRSA Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development project.  $2,200,000 2021-2026.

NIH/NINR R01: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): Activity patterns and autonomic dysfunction. Research Team Member.  $1,460,000 2016-2020


Publications (selected)

Friedberg, F., Adamowicz, J., Bruckenthal, P.,Milazzo, M., Ramjan, S. Zhang, X., Yang, Jie. (2022)  Sex differences in exercise-related post-exertional malaise in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Submitted to International Journal of Psychophysiology (in review).

Friedberg, F., Adamowicz, J., Bruckenthal, P.,Milazzo, M., Ramjan, S. Zhang, X., Yang, Jie. (2022) Uplifts, hassles, and worsening in chronic fatigue syndrome: A prospective study. Submitted to International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (in review)

Friedberg, F, Adamowicz, J, Bruckenthal, P, Milazzo, M, Ramjan, S, Quintana, D.  (2022).  Non-improvement in chronic fatigue syndrome: relation to activity patterns and autonomic dysfunction.  Psychosomatic Medicine.  doi: 10.1097/PSY.0000000000001082

Evans, C, Block, P, Milazzo, M.  Rethinking Community in Disability Studies:  Chosen and ascribed communities or intersecting communities and communities in conflict.  In Jansen: Rethinking Community through Transdisciplinary Research.  Palgrave Macmillan. 2019

Krupp, L, Rintell, D, Charvet, L, Milazzo, M, Wassmer, E.  (2016). Pediatric multiple sclerosis: Perspectives from patients and their families.  Neurology, 87 (Supp; 2), 4-7.

Squillace M, Ray S, Milazzo M.  (2015). Changes in gross grasp strength and fine motor skills in adolescents with pediatric multiple sclerosis.  Occup Ther Health Care, 29(1).

Weisbrot, D, Charvet, L, Serafin, D, Milazzo, M, Preston, T, Cleary, R, Moadel, T, Seibert, M, Belman, A, Krupp, L.  (2014). Psychiatric diagnoses and cognitive impairment in pediatric multiple sclerosis.   Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 20(5), 588-93.

Weinfurtner, K, Graves, J, Ness, J, Krupp, L, Milazzo, M, Waubant, E.  (2014) Prolonged remission in neuromyelitis optica following cessation of rituximab treatment.  Journal of Child Neurology, 30(10).

Waubant, E, Mowry E, Krupp L, Chitnis T, Kuntz N, Ness J, Belman A, Milazzo M, Gorman M, Weinstock-Guttman, Rodriguez M, James J.  (2013). Antibody response to common viruses and human leukocyte antigen-DRB 1 pediatric multiple sclerosis.  Multiple Sclerosis, 19(7):891-5.

MacAllister, WS, Christodoulou, C, Milazzo, M, Preston, T, Serafin, D, Krupp, L, Harder, L. (2013). Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: What We Know and Where Are We Headed?  Child Neuropsychology, 19(1), 1-22.

Block P, Rodriguez E, Milazzo M, MacAllister W, Krupp L, Nishida A, Slota N, Broughton A, Keys CB.  (2011). Building pediatric multiple sclerosis community using a disability studies framework of empowerment.  Research in Social Science and Disability, 6, 85-112.

Waubant, E, Mowry EM, Krupp LB, Chitnis T, Yeh EA, Kuntz N, Ness J, Chabas D, Strober J, McDonald J, Belman A, Milazzo M, Gorman M, Weinstock-Guttman, B, Rodriguez M, Oksenberg JR, James JA, and for the US Pediatric MS Network.  (2011). Common viruses associated with lower pediatric multiple sclerosis risk. Neurology, 76:1989-1995.

Weisbrot DM, Ettinger AB, Gadow KD, Belman AL, MacAllister WS, Milazzo M, Reed ML, Serrano D, Krupp LB. (2010). Psychiatric comorbidity in pediatric patients with demyelinating disorders.  Journal of Child Neurology 2010, 25, 192-202.

Mowry EM, Krupp LB, Milazzo MC, Chabas D, Strober J, Belman AL, McDonald J, Oksenberg J, Bacchetti P, Waubant E.  (2010). Vitamin D status is associated with relapse rate in pediatric – onset multiple sclerosis.  Annals of Neurology, 67, 618-624.

MacAllister WS, Christodoulou C, Troxell R, Milazzo M, Block P, Bender HA, Belman A, Krupp LB. (2009).  Fatigue and quality of life in pediatric multiple sclerosis.   Multiple Sclerosis, 15, 1502-1508.


Presentations (selected)


“The Pandemic Pivot: Lessons Learned from Turning on a Dime” Society for Applied Anthropology- Council on Nursing and Anthropology. March 2022.

“Narratives of Wellness: Living with Chronic Illness”.  Society for Applied Anthropology.  (Virtual conference).  March 2021.

 “Challenges in Pediatric Nursing Care after the Covid-19 Pandemic”. (2020) International Symposium of Health Sciences.  Purwokerto, Indonesia.  September 22, 2020 (Virtual conference).  Invited Plenary Speaker. 

 “Promoting Health in Youth with Chronic Illness”.  Stony Brook School of Nursing.  February 6, 2020.

 “Caring for kids with an unusual relapsing chronic condition: Pediatric MS as a model of care”.  National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.  March 20, 2018.  Chicago, Illinois.


Major Accomplishments / Honors

Excellence in Research Award, Sigma Theta Tau, Kappa Gamma Chapter

Hope award.  International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses.