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Dr. Erin Zazzera
Zazzera, Erin
Clinical Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Studies

Email: Erin.Zazzera@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-6859
Office: 2-204
Erin Zazzera MPH, RN is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the undergraduate program at Stony Brook University’s School of Nursing. Professor Zazzera’s background is in emergency nursing and trauma nursing. She teaches a national course for nurses in trauma resuscitation, and was previously the Pediatric Trauma Coordinator for Stony Brook Hospital. After many years focusing on individual patients at the bedside, she opted for a Masters degree in Public Health to focus on health promotion and disease prevention of populations. Currently, she is completing her PhD in Nursing. Her work centers on the location of pediatric road injuries, and the social determinants of health in communities with clusters of injury. She is very active with the Emergency Nurses Association and the Society of Trauma Nurses. Professor Zazzera holds certifications as a Certified Emergency Nurse and Trauma Certification for Registered Nurses. 
Erin Zazzera, MPH, RN

BS, Nursing, Stony Brook University, 1998
MPH, Stony Brook University, 2012
PhD Candidate, Stony Brook University Clinical Specialties
Emergency Nursing
Trauma Nursing
Community/ Public Health Primary Teaching Areas
Population Health Research and Academic Interests
Pediatric trauma, Injury prevention, Social media uses for injury prevention Publications (selected)
Zazzera, E. (2020) “Use of Social Media for Injury Prevention: Integrative Review” Journal of Trauma Nursing, January/ February. Vol 27(1): 13-28.  Zazzera E. (2019) “Special Populations: The Pediatric Trauma Patient” Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) Provider Manual (8th ed.). ENA Emergency Nurses Association. Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 231-259. Zazzera E. (2017) “A 7-Month-Old Infant with Plantar Garlic Burns”. Journal of Emergency Nursing, Sept. Vol 43(5):467-468. Newton EH, Zazzera EA, Van Moorsel G, Sirovich, BE. (2015) “Undermeasuring Overuse- An Examination of National Clinical Performance Measures”. JAMA Internal Medicine, August, 2015 published online. Presentations (selected)
Zazzera, Erin. “Health Disparities of Pediatric Road Injuries: Who’s at Greatest Risk?” and “The FAST is Positive: Now What? Understanding the Role of the FAST Exam in Trauma Resuscitation” 2021. Annual Emergency Nurses Association conference. September 2021.  Zazzera, Erin, McCormack, Jane. “Resuscitation and the Registry” 2021. 8th Annual Trauma Registry Conference. Get Real: Really into Trauma Registry Data. September 2021.  Zazzera, Erin. “Interesting Cases in Pediatric Trauma” and “Can Social Media Save Lives and Prevent Injuries? A Look at Posts that Went Viral” 2019. New Jersey Annual Emergency Nurse Association (ENA) Conference. Atlantic City, NJ. March 2019.  Zazzera, Erin. “Live Free or Die! The Impact of Legislation on Traumatic Injuries” 2019. Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) Annual conference: TraumaCon 2019. Lexington, KY. March 2019.  Zazzera, Erin. “The Impact of State Legislation on Traumatic Injuries” 2019. Injury Prevention and Community Outreach Conference: Moving Beyond B-Con and SBIRT. New York, NY March 2019.  Zazzera, Erin. “Heading Down the Wrong Path: Trauma Cases That Surprised Us” 2018. Annual Emergency Nurse Association (ENA) National Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. September 2018