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Whitney, Clare
Assistant Professor
Office of Nursing Research

Email: Clare.Whitney@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3270
Office: 2-247
Professor Whitney joined the Stony Brook University in 2020 as Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing, affiliated faculty in the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics in the Renaissance School of Medicine, and member of the Institutional Ethics Committee at Stony Brook Medicine. Teaching courses in the doctoral program, Professor Whitney provide doctoral nursing students with quality methodologic and ethical training to become scholars in their areas of interest. As a nurse scientist and bioethicist, her program of scholarship is focused on uncovering the moral and ethical dimensions of nursing care, especially in relation to the care of highly stigmatized or underserved communities. She believes that the ability to provide patients with excellent, compassionate, and humanistic care necessitates the understanding of clinicians' ethical and moral considerations as instruments of care provision.  She is particularly interested in qualitative approaches to inquiry and theoretical foundations for nursing science. Professor Whitney completed her undergraduate training in nursing and graduate training in nursing research and bioethics at the University Pennsylvania. Her dissertation research involved exploring the circumstances under which clinicians moralize substance use during pregnancy and lactation. 

Clare Whitney, PhD, MBE, RN

BSN, University of Pennsylvania, 2017
MS, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
MBE, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
PhD in Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

Clinical Specialties:  
Clinical Ethics Consultation

Primary Teaching Areas: 
Qualitative Methods in Nursing Science
Doctoral Research Seminar 
Concepts, Theories, and Knowledge Development in Nursing Science
Applications of Clinical Nursing Research

Research and Academic Interests: 
Bioethics, Substance Use, Reproductive Health, Clinician Communication, Science Communication, Medical Improvisation

Research (selected)  
Co-Investigator: Process and outcome evaluation of an innovative communication training program among interdisciplinary healthcare teams to reduce stress and improve patient safety
Co-Principal Investigator: Uncovering the Experiences and Ethics of Cancer Care Partners through Inductive Action Research: The Partners in Cancer Care Research (CaRe) Study
Co-Principal Investigator: Virtual Supportive Cancer Care and Research (ViSuCaRe) Study
Principal Investigator: Moralizing Substance Use in Maternal-Child Symbiosis: An Emergent Fit Dimensional Analysis

Publications (selected)
Whitney, C. & Evered, J. (2022). Fostering Scholarly Development in Nursing Science: The Promise of Dimensional Analysis for PhD Students. [Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Nursing Education.]

Whitney, C., & Evered, J. A. (2022). The qualitative research distress protocol: a participant-centered tool for navigating distress during data collection. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 21, 16094069221110317.

Evered, J., Andersen, L., Foxwell, A., Iroegbu, C., & Whitney, C. (2022). The impact and implications of virtual supportive cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic: integrating patient and clinician perspectives. Supportive Care in Cancer, 1-8.

Whitney, C., Canale, E., & Zinck, L. (2022). Toward Transformative Engagement: Ethical and Effective Clinical-Research Partnerships in Cancer Care Nursing. Cancer Care Research Online, 2(3), e021.

Whitney, C., Greene, M. Z., & Dudek, A. (2020). Getting it right after getting it wrong: Using the AQUERY tool in conversation with transgender nursing students. Nurse Education Today, 94, 104560-104560.

Herbert, N., Axson, S., Siegel, L., Cassidy, K., Hoyt-Brennan, A. M., Whitney, C., ... & Giordano, N. A. (2020). Leveraging immersive technology to expand access to opioid overdose reversal training in community settings: Results from a randomized controlled equivalence trial. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 214, 108160.

Giordano, N. A., Whitney, C. E., Axson, S. A., Cassidy, K., Rosado, E., & Hoyt-Brennan, A. M. (2020). A pilot study to compare virtual reality to hybrid simulation for opioid-related overdose and naloxone training. Nurse Education Today, 88, 104365.

Presentations (selected)
2020 "Moral Dissonance: When Doing What's 'Right' Goes Wrong" World Congress on Bioethics. Virtual.
2020 "Virtual Reality & Hybrid Simulation: An Innovative Opioid Overdose Intervention" International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare
2019 “The Promise & Process of Dimensional Analysis Method” Qualitative Health Research Conference. Vancouver, BC, CA – International Institute of Qualitative Methodologies.

Major Accomplishments / Honors   
2020 Doctoral Leadership Award; Sigma Theta Tau International: XI Chapter
2016-2020 Hillman Scholar in Nursing Innovation; Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation
2017 Undergraduate Leadership Award; Sigma Theta Tau International: Xi Chapter