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Dr. Marijean Buhse
Buhse, Marijean
Clinical Professor
Graduate Studies/Advanced Practice Nursing
Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Email: marijean.buhse@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3284
Office: 2-209
My seminal contribution to nursing research, education and clinical practice is grounded in improving health care of vulnerable older adults. My interest in older adults began in clinical practice as a cardiac nurse where I learned to appreciate the unique needs of chronically ill older adults. My work as an educator involves developing curriculum and financial support to assure health care students are prepared to work as a team member to provide quality care and improve outcomes. In addition, my program of research extends to an understudied population of older patients with multiple sclerosis and their caregivers. My work is dedicated to building a sustainable educational infrastructure for ongoing research, education and practice related to care of older adults.

To build and sustain a viable environment for geriatric education, I secured over 1.8 million dollars in grant funding for interprofessional education in care of frail, elderly adults living in the community. Three successful grant applications allowed me to infuse curricula in both the undergraduate and graduate programs with current, evidence-based, and interprofessional education in care of this population.  My initial grant was to educate nursing students to care for elderly patients.  In concert with a larger grant for geriatric education, I used new technologies for continuing education of nursing students and geriatric nurses. These initiatives have been supported and sustained with over 10 years of extramural funding.

My program of research is focused on closing existing gaps in knowledge related to care of older adults with multiple sclerosis. In addition, I study the often unrecognized burden among caregivers in this population. My initial study described this marginalized population of patients and caregivers. The results suggested caregivers lacked social support and often were unable to secure respite services. Accordingly, an intervention study was conducted to provide social support using the telephone. Results indicated that information on care of their loved one was lacking. A protocol is in development to address these needs. My program of research informs my clinical practice and academic outreach efforts for educating providers in care of patients with multiple sclerosis.

As an international leader in multiple sclerosis care, I educate nurses and other health professionals to improve the care of this population. I am a board member and committee chair on the International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses and the MS International Certification Board. My expertise in research and as an educator was recognized by my peers with the 2013 Research Award in Multiple Sclerosis. I also wrote numerous interprofessional programs for continuing education highlighting this population and their needs. My philosophy of education is built on the assertion that research, education and clinical practice are vitally linked. In response to our communities of interest, I developed two new graduate programs in Nursing Education and Nursing Leadership.  I am the director, mentor and educator of students in these programs. These future nurse leaders will know how to combine education, practice and research to improve the health outcomes of their patients.  I consistently mentor both students and junior faculty in disseminating research through presentations and publications.  My goal is to support students and faculty as they develop the skills necessary for life-long learning, high-level evidence-based nursing practice and research to improve the care of vulnerable populations.  

Marijean Buhse, PhD, NP-BC, RN, MSCN

BSN, Downstate Medical Center, 1978
MSN, Nursing Education,CUNY Lehman College, 1990
Post Master’s, Adult Nurse Practitioner, Adelphi University, 1996
PhD, Nursing, Adelphi University, 1997

Clinical Specialties:  
Adult Health Nursing; Multiple Sclerosis

Primary Teaching Areas:   
Research Core Cores
Nursing Education
AGNP Clinical Courses

Research and Academic Interests: 
Education of Nurses
Interprofessional Education
Older Adults with Multiple Sclerosis and their Caregivers

Research (selected)  
A Transformative Model in Interprofessional Education for the Care of Elderly 
persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions.  
HRSA, Funded
Aging with Multiple Sclerosis.  Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Funded
Integration of Evidence Based Practice into Problem Based Learning Case 
Scenarios via Innovative Technologies.  HRSA, Funded
Publications (selected)
Buhse, M. & Della Ratta, C. (2017).  Enhancing Interprofessional Collaboration with Team-Based Learning.  Nurse Educator Journal.   Sep/Oct; 42(5):240-244. PMID 28252549  

Buhse, M. (2015). The Elderly Person with MS: Clinical Implications for the Increasing Lifespan.  Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.  Dec;47(6):333-9.   

Buhse, M., Della Ratta, C., Galiczewski, J., Eckhardt, P.  (2015). Caregivers of older persons with MS: determinants of health related quality of life.  Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. 47:2, E2-E12, PMID: 24688350

Buhse, M.,  Banker, W. & Clement, L. (2014).  Multiple Sclerosis and the Elderly: Perceptions of Health Related Quality of Life, International Journal of MS Care,16(1): 10–19. , PMID: 25700198
Buhse, M. (2013).  Current and Emerging Therapies:  An update.  Supplement to: Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, November, 13-18.

Presentations (selected)
Buhse,M. (2016).  The elderly person with MS, clinical implications. Invited presentation at the European Congress on Research and Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis, London, UK.

Buhse, M. (2016).  From proposal to presentation.  Moderator.  Presenting your research. Invited presentation at the Consortium of MS Centers Annual International Conference, Washington, DC.

Buhse, M. (2015).  An interprofessional perspective on Aging with MS.  Moderator.  Clinical and Social Issues in Aging with M, Invited presentation at Consortium of MS Centers Annual International Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Buhse, M. (2015).  From Proposing to Presenting:  Tips for Success. Invited presentation at Consortium of MS Centers Annual International Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Buhse M.  (2016).  Student Reflections of interprofessional education.  Paper presentation at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Houston, TX

Buhse, M.  (2016).  Using specialty organizations to enhance NP curricula.  Poster presented at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Houston TX

Buhse, M.  (2015). Caring for the patient with MS.  Chairperson and invited presenter at regional meeting of the International Organization of MS Nurses.  Queens, NY

Buhse, M. (2015).  Implementing Interprofessional Education via Team Based Learning.  Paper presentation at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.  St.Petersburg, FL.

Major Accomplishments / Honors   
2017 Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing
2016 Top 50 Women of Long Island
2013 Research Award, International Org of MS Nurses