Computer and Data Communication Requirements

All nursing students, both onsite and distance, will have selected courses, many of which are available primarily by computer. Each student entering the School, both onsite and distance, must have access to a Windows-based or Macintosh-based computer which they are responsible to maintain. The following is a detailed description of the computer hardware, software and data communication requirements. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these requirements to assure that your computer system fully meets them.


  • A computer purchased within the last 2 years will generally meet the minimum computer hardware requirements. This may be a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10; Mac OSX 10.13 and higher   
  • Webcam: integrated or attached webcam device WITH mic (most laptops have mic and camera integrated)   
  • MS Word and PowerPoint are required; current version MS Office or Office 365 recommended * 
  • Internet browsers:  Preferred browser Google Chrome. Please note: additional browsers, Safari, FireFox and Edge, may be used to access Brightspace, but Chrome is preferred. 


  • Virus scanning software is highly recommended. *

* Current versions of MS Office and Symantec anti-virus may be available free from Campus. Since the School of Nursing does not administer these offerings they are subject to change.   Registered students can view the Software Catalog for more information about these offers from the Stony Brook University’s Division of Information Technology Software Catalog at

It is strongly recommended that students use a computer dedicated for their own use rather than sharing a computer with others when completing the Distance Education Program. Students are required to maintain their computer hardware and operating systems in proper functioning order.