Office of Research and Innovation

Welcome to the Office of Research at Stony Brook School of Nursing!

Stony Brook University is a research-intensive academic setting, and at the School of Nursing, nurses lead innovative research projects to advance health for the people of New York, surrounding geographic regions, and the global community.

Our faculty are collaborative and partner with multiple disciplines, and diverse stakeholders including our health science colleagues in medicine, social welfare, and public health.  The Stony Brook School of Nursing Research Mission is consistent with the scientific strategy of National Institute of Nursing Research.

We aim to understand complex health phenomena using a holistic and comprehensive lens, contextualized to advancing health for people of all ages and life stages, facing a range of health challenges. Please take a moment to meet our research faculty and doctoral students, and learn more about their research interests and interprofessional, collaborative projects.  




Ann-Margaret Navarra, PhD, CPNP-PC, FAAN  

Associate Dean, Nursing Research and Innovation  

Chair, Department of Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Studies