Nursing Internship Opportunity at Stony Brook University Hospital – Summer 2020

The Stony Brook University School of Nursing will be offering an internship in the Summer of 2020. The internship is a 3-credit elective course (course name: HNI 376).  If accepted into this program, participants must pay the required fees associated with this 3-credit course.


Throughout the internship, students work alongside assigned preceptors to develop their nursing and time-management skills. Under the direct guidance of their preceptor, participants will have opportunities to practice wound care, suctioning, urinary catheter insertion, and other basic nursing skills. Participants will NOT be permitted to administer medications of any kind, administer blood products, start IVs, draw blood, or titrate vasoactive drips.




Internship Details:

  • Timeframe: Ten-week experience, begins mid May and concludes at the end of July (dates TBA)
  • Preceptorship: Nursing interns are assigned to one preceptor on a designated unit
  • Shifts: May work day or night shift
  • Work requirement= three 12-hour shifts per week that follows preceptor’s schedule
  • Vacation time: Vacation or requested time off is not permitted during the internship
  • Pay: Bi-weekly paycheck at a rate determined by the University Hospital


Candidate Requirements:

  • Undergraduate students who have completed their junior year of nursing school and will be entering their senior year in Fall 2020
  • This internship is not open to students in an RN to BS program
  • Students who are enrolled at Stony Brook or other schools of nursing are welcome to apply.







The application closes at 11:59pm on February 17th.

You will receive notification of a decision on or around March 15th.


Questions? Please email Dr. Abbate, Coordinator of Internship: